MRMCD 2019

Trivial UX - Does my unicorn have the perfect UI?
2019-09-14, 17:10–18:00, Mayfair
Language: English

Usability and User eXperience are not always part of development processes. Usability tests can be done for both software and products in general. I would like to give a short overview of how usability tests work and what you can do to improve usability and user experience. I will demonstrate usability tests using the example of my unicorn. In a second step I will provide examples of web pages.

I would like to include the audience into this talk (comments, answering questions and so on). So if you do not want to be asked, just take a seat somewhere. If you would like to participate, think about taking a seat in one of the rows closer to me, so that I will understand your comments a little bit better.

I'm a hacker attenting chaos events since... ages... Stuedied computer science and eventually learned something about usability and user experience.