MRMCD 2019

Let's not play dice - what scuba diving and IT security have in common
09-13, 19:00–19:30 (Europe/Berlin), Mayfair
Language: English

There are certain situation in life where it is – mildly speaking – very
brave to trust your luck.

Scuba diving and hacking certainly are among these. In this talk you
will realize that these two things actually have a lot in common. You
approach both worlds in the same way. There are rules to the game. But
in both worlds you will not just blindly follow the instructions. You
need your common sense.
There is planing before a dive known as the briefing, there is a design
phase of your system and software. In both cases you consider your next
moves on the board. Constantly thinking: What shall happen? What can go
wrong? What is the backup plan?
While you are on the way and the game is going, you do your monitoring.
You check for patches, you check for uptime, you take a close look at
your pressure gauge and your dive computer. A scuba diver understands
the need for integrity, for availability and the concept of risk management.
For this talk I would like to compare some of the analysis and checking
that both worlds have in common and invite you to see why both games are
fairly worth to be played.

Just a hacker interested in many kinds of it security who spends far too much time in the water.
A love a good hack and after studying safety and security I did spend a lot of time seeing very different varieties of professional it security. In my other live I do wrack, cavern and ice diving.