MRMCD 2023

Hack the Gadget!
09-02, 20:00–20:50 (Europe/Berlin), C205 - Brainwasher
Language: English

For a bunch of years, I have collected lots of gadgets from every hacker's favourite online stores, and coined the term "root on arrival" at some point. Leaning against the good old "Hack All The Things: 20 Devices in 45 Minutes" talk by The Exploiteers, I present another series of devices to hack on: IP cameras, network video records, wireless storages, car media players, TV boxes, physical access control systems, lounge/room control panels, portable mobile network gateways - you name it. Because all of those are actually nice gadgets to have, besides just popping those boxes, I will go further and walk through a handful of nice projects leveraging existing products to put custom software on them.

I like giving talks and workshops.

In my free time, I work on free and open source software, especially operating systems and distributions, bringup and application firmware, with a focus on tooling, integration, and documentation.

I created Fiedka, the firmware editor.