MRMCD 2023

EVPN, why do I want this?
09-02, 14:00–14:50 (Europe/Berlin), C120 - Arcane room
Language: English

This talk explores L2/L3 network transport technologies with a strong focus on EVPN (Ethernet VPN).

We look at the history of the development of overlay network transport technologies and practical use-cases.

Technologies which we will look into?:
- Plain layer 2 broadcast domains
- IP fabrics
- MPLS with VPLS
- EVPN technologies

This talk greatly benefits from existing knowledge in the field of IP networks.

skorpy is a multifaceted Internet plumber and advocate for scalable network engineering.

With a burning passion for simplicity, IPv6, and performance, skorpy operates autonomous systems for science, communities and sometimes money.

Beyond the digital realm, skorpy is a dedicated firefighter and Techno lover.

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