DiVOC—Push To Talk

Call for Participation: DiVOC - Push To Talk

During the past couple of months, we have increasingly moved our lives into cyberspace, where chaos is digitally distributed. We have gone on-line for events, streamed content and clicked on talk recordings.

There was lots of lecturing—now we are looking for more interaction: instead of just watching a stream, let's go do cool stuff together!

From September 4-6 we will have the third Digitally Distributed Online Chaos, this time under the theme "Push to talk".

The event will be streamed on media.ccc.de and participation is free of charge. As during the first DiVOC, the VOC is at the ready with their infrastructure to stream sessions from anywhere and enable participants to engage in exchange.

Now we want to fill the program with talks, ideas, discussion panels, art performances or other submissions! With slots of up to 75 minutes, we can try new and more interactive things.

There is also space for shorter pitches: in slots of 15 minutes, let's experiment with interfaces of all sorts, tell each other about interesting discoveries, present exciting projects, and extend invitations to self-organised sessions, or do crazy things we might come up with.

We are collecting the proposed submissions until August 14th. For any questions about the implementation we are happy to help via divoc-ptt@hamburg.ccc.de.

Additionally, Digitally Distributed Online Chaos truly comes alive through self-organised sessions and impromptu flashes of inspiration!

In the wiki for the "Push to Talk" event, we provide all the details, including communication channels to fellow chaos creatures, and we will publish the schedule in time before the event.
@diC3voc@twitter.com and @dic3voc@chaos.social in the fediverse are keeping us posted about current developments.

So let's go, and be excellent to each other!

This Call for Papers closed on 2020-08-14 23:59 (Europe/Berlin).