DiVOC—Push To Talk

Welcome, and thank you for planning to contribute!

Here’s a few tips:
- What specifically are your plans? If you give us a meaningful title, a concise abstract and a detailed description outlining the submission's ideas and goals, we can make this work together.
- The time slots for live contributions will probably be scheduled on the evenings (CEST) of Friday September 4 and Saturday September 5. Your availability or particular time constraints can be indicated along with the proposal submission.
- The time slots of up to 75 minutes, or 15 minutes for the shorter slots, include the contribution itself and the preceeding introduction. It would also be great if the timing allowed for questions by the audience.
- Each contribution will be streamed live via the video streaming platform of the CCC (media.ccc.de) during the event. If you would prefer that your session is not recorded and made available for later viewing, please note that in your submission.
- We love to stream your entire session live, but if you prefer, you can pre-record a talk. We encourage you to include some interaction with the viewers even if you choose to pre-record your contribution. For example, a recorded talk followed by a live Q&A session could be an engaging format.
- By default, the languages for submissions can be German or English—if you would like to include other languages, let's discuss.
- c3lingo will provide live interpretation of German contributions to English and vice versa. If you have any hints that would help translating your session, please include them in your submission.
- We are particularly open for new and interactive formats. Please e-mail us if you have any questions about any details or on the implementation of your idea!

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If you have a co-speaker, please add their email address here, and we will invite them to create an account. If you have more than one co-speaker, you can add more speakers after finishing the submission process.