MRMCD 2018

MRMCD 2018 Vortragende: masterbase

aka: evilscientress, Jenny
kinky poly trans hacker, vampire kitten, crazy scientress, electronics geek and latex lover.

Independent soft- and hardware developer, 7+ years experience specializing in systems administration, networking/infrastructure, VoIP, IT security and web development. Loves to use Python, Ansible, Git, Icinga, Sublime, i3, Gentoo and Arch Linux.

Generally an all around nerd who loves Linux, computers, electronics, communications technology, conference recording (c3voc), games, film and photography. Speaks German and English fluently and is addicted to learning new things out of personal interest.

Pronouns: she/sie
Find Me: Website ~ Twitter ~ GitHub


ESP8266 and MQTT

How to hook up ESP8266 based MCU bords to MQTT and use it to build home automation projects or blinky stuff.